Gnonstop V2

We’ve been furiously hacking away on a bunch of ideas at the lab, but that doesn’t mean that our friends the gnomes have gone unloved. Quite the contrary. When we put out the first release of Gnonstop we expected that the challenge of getting your gnome passed along from person to person would be the focus. We expected the usage to look a lot like gameplay and that the evolution would tilt in that direction.

That’s not what we saw from people using the app though, and not what they asked for when we got feedback. People loved creating the characters and they loved taking pictures with their gnome. But they were really hesitant to send their gnome off into the world. That really puts the brakes on trying to build a game around getting your gnome passed from person to person.

So we had a decision to make – we could either figure out how to restructure things so that people would want to pass their gnome along, or we could pick up on the thread of customizing a character and sharing. James and Andrew took the lead on figuring out which path to take, doing the redesign, and implementing the updates. They spent a bunch of time talking to folks, sitting down with them and watching them use the app, and trying out different versions with a group of beta testers.

What came out of the process is a completely new version of Gnonstop, which not surprisingly is called Gnonstop 2. They did a fantastic job reworking the app and focusing it on sharing. And it addresses one of the major issues I kept hearing over and over, that female users wanted to create girl gnomes 🙂 We’ve been using it around the office for a while, having a great time with creating quests for gnomes and seeing what comes back in response. Now it’s open to the public, please give it a try and let us know what you think.

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