Gnonstop Gnomes is a Go!

Today Churn Labs is excited to announce the release of Gnonstop Gnomes,  a mobile application available on iPhone and Android which allows users to share and follow the adventures of the gnomes they create on their mobile devices.  “We’re really happy to finally bring this to market” said Mike Rowehl, a partner at Churn Labs.  “Early on we decided to focus on mobile, local, social, photo sharing, and gnomes, and this project really allowed us put it all together.  We haven’t yet figured out how to work group buying into it, but we have some ideas.”

The app has achieved early success, and even before release was already the #1 location based gnome photo sharing application in the world.  “This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time,” said Omar Hamoui, another Churn partner. “I got sidetracked with the whole mobile advertising thing for a bit, but it’s good to finally see this becoming a reality.”

Gnonstop Gnomes is available for download today in both the iPhone app store and Android app market.  After creating a gnome, you can transfer it to a friend, and then follow its adventures across a map as it moves from phone to phone.  People who receive your gnome can make travel entries, including photos, which you will also be able to browse through as your gnome makes its journey.  The application is free on both iPhone and Android.

iOS app:

Android app:


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7 Responses to Gnonstop Gnomes is a Go!

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  2. Dennis says:

    Hi Omar! I like the concept of this app and truly will be using it quite often on my day-to-day and travels but I got rid of my poorly named free gnome and can’t continue now! I’m not sure on buying a gnome yet as the app has a ways to go, but will be in the near future… so can you help a brother out? Thanks!

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  4. daveh6700 says:

    Hi Omar, thanks for what sounds like a great concept. I am looking forward to sharing my gnome Yahooty1.

    The android version appears to need a little work. Installation went fine but I can’t find how to create a travel entry. The screens I am seeing aren’t what is shown from the android market screen. I’ve emailed you.
    The web page needs a link to

    Regards, Dave

  5. @Dennis – Get any of your friends to install the app and lyft a gnome from him.

    • Dennis says:

      Thanks Bhagaban, the only problem is everyone I got to download the app wants to keep their gnome! LoL! I’ll have to find someone who doesn’t want it and lyft it from them, bummers.

  6. J says:

    Just had a play, it’s a fun idea, but the app can do with better instructions!

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